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SNIK. We know — how can you possibly take us seriously with a name like that?

SNIK is a combination of our names — Scott and Nicole. It sounds funny and light-hearted and delightful. But itís more than that.

It means our design is always a collaboration of different perspectives — part masculine and part feminine, part youthful and part mature, part contemporary and part traditional, part play and part work.

We donít take ourselves too seriously. What we do take seriously are the needs of our clients and the design process, which you will see illustrated in the pages herein.

We take the time to know our clients, to discover their needs, personalities, and budgets, and to design with their needs in mind.

To us, design is a puzzle — and to solve it we must come up with the perfect design that meets the parameters provided. Sometimes the final product is just what our client asks for, but often we go beyond that and design the perfect solution that our client didnít even know to ask for.

See for yourself… Strings Ohio illustration

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